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Can AJE OLOKUN fight ?

Can AJE OLOKUN fight ?

We have been made to believe that AJE OLOKUN doesn't fights or go to war.

Every ORISA has their own way of fighting and war, AJE is not an exception.

Those who are beaten by AJE OLOKUN are always in abject poverty .

If AJE OLOKUN is fighting you, you would know 

If AJE OLOKUN is angry at you , you don't need to be told because you would know.

Sometimes in the times of war , AJE OLOKUN would also goto war side by side with her beloveth followers to strike against their enemy...

She (AJE OLOKUN) crumbles their business and source of income till they come and beg , till they pay tributes.

Nobody wages a war against AJE and win.

AJE's war is always prevented because if it's not prevented, it can cause a lot of damages.

Many in this country are living in poverty, they are still praying to their foreign oyinbo God for money.

When the money is not coming , they blame the government for bad economy.

Is it not in this bad economy that some people are building houses?

Is it not in the bad economy that someone said Money na water..

Money na water indeed because wealth came from Water .

Wealth is from the depth of the might ocean.

Money is attributed to OLOKUN the father of all wealth.

I think a word is enough for the wise ...

Are you one of the wise men and women in Nigeria? 

I remained AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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