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AJE OLOKUN doesn't drink blood

AJE OLOKUN doesn't drink blood

I have seen many people, babalawo or whatever feed AJE OLOKUN with blood.

I even have a message from someone asking if he can put the blood inside the AJE OLOKUN calabash or beside the calabash or near the calabash.

The sender of the email claimed he doesn't know what to do because most video he saw online are involving people putting blood inside AJE OLOKUN.

Whatever the AJE is that you guys are putting blood is not AJE OLOKUN.

AJE OLOKUN doesn't eat blood.

You can't shed blood of any animal used in feeding ORISA AJE OLOKUN.

If you have been killing the animal and putting the blood of that animal inside the AJE calabash.

What you are feeding is not AJE OLOKUN.

I know AJE OLOKUN very well and I followed the ancient way of feeding AJE OLOKUN.

I remained AJE NLA.
The son of OBATALA 

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