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If you ignore your ancestors, they would ignore you

If you ignore your ancestors, they would ignore you

We are in a western world where everyone thinks that our culture is evil and many have neglected their roots and culture.

You ancestors are laughing at you because one day whether you like it or not,you are joining them.

When you join your ancestors, you would know what it is to be an ancestors and you would also know the reason why you ancestors are laughing at you.

If you neglect your ancestors,your ancestors would also neglect you.

If you failed to do the needful for your ancestors, they would also failed to bless you , they would never fight your spiritual Battles for you.

Don't say because you are not going to church or mosques and because of that, you would never feed your ancestors.

You are only doing yourself more than any good.

Remember your ancestors because one day you would also be am ancestor.

Feed your ancestors because it is your duty ....

The white man are feeding their ancestors and told you that they are evil..

If you are still thinking that your ancestors are evil, repent before it is too late .

Your ancestors would not wade off bad spirit or any spirit that want to terminate your life prematurely if you failed to feed your ancestors .

Know this and know peace.

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