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Is it compulsory to leave my IFA with OLUWO after Initiation?

Is it compulsory to leave my IFA with OLUWO after Initiation?

You are not save if you leave your IFA with your OLUWO.

In this life you must not trust anyone ,not even your OLUWO should be trusted .

That is one of the principles of ORISA OLOKUN, he used to tell me that trust is a hard currency that is not easy to get.

Someone was sharing with me that his OLUWO intentionally feed his IFA with the taboo.. I was not shocked at all because he trust when he is not supposed to trust .

IFA didn't say we must give our IFA to our OLUWO,it is not mandatory or compulsory.

As a matter of fact IFA is not for those who are not ready, why would you have IFA and give it to someone to keep for you?

 Are you ashamed of IFA ?

If you are ashamed of having IFA why do you do IFA INITIATION?

How would you grow if your IFA is with someone else ?

You know what your IFA likes to eat, you would feed it and communicate with it 

By doing this , you would grow in the spirit and have a good bond with a good relationship with your IFA .

Your IFA can tell you ways to do it better and get better in doing what you do.

It is not in ODU IFA that we must give our IFA to our OLUWO.

The choice whether you want to give your IFA to your OLUWO is yours and not from IFA .

Don't complain if your OLUWO did something to your IFA .

Like I said,trust is no where to be find and don't trust anyone.


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