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Does OSUN sent her priestess to beg for money on highway and Market places?

Does OSUN sent her priestess to beg for money on highway and Market places?

We have seen many people who claimed to be OSUN devotee but are fake people.

In fact many fake people are one of the reason why people don't love Traditional people because they see us together.

If we are not going to lie to ourselves, OSUN is the most loved ORISA and the ORISA that is the closest to the people.

There is no ORISA that has OSUN's fame ,Never.

OSUN is closer to the people, OSUN priestess are the Nurse, midwives, doctors in those days.

OSUN priestess are always there for the people and to solved their problem.

All ORISA are created to solve people's problem and OSUN is a very mighty ORISA you can't do without.

OSUN always sent her devotee or Priestess to various places to solve people's problem, OSUN priestess are not hungry for money, fame or power .

Where ever they found themselves, they do what OSUN told them to do which is solving people's problem and they go.

Many of those you saw on marketplace or highway are not OSUN priestess, OSUN priestess are not beggers but they are there to help people solve their problem without waiting for any rewards in return.

Of course they would be rewarded by those who value the truth in their messages and those who see changes in their lives .

This is why OSUN is so famous and loved by all.

OSUN devotee and priestess always have an open mind and extra eye from above to see people's problem without any special consultation or request, this is why it is easy for OSUN priestess to say things and it's always confirmed.

Part of the work OSUN gave her priestess is to go out and help people , this is why OSUN priestess are everywhere but if anyone claims to be OSUN priestess and she is asking for money first or asking money majorly as priority, then you need to run away because OSUN didn't send them to beg for money but rather help people.

If you as an OSUN priestess didn't have any power of sight, you must be a fake OSUN priestess because OSUN give the power to see things from above. You would definitely see people's problem and solution.

OSUN also looks at the heart sometimes before blessing people with power, if your heart is dirty, then there is nothing for you .

Many OSUN Initiation are fake and because of that OSUN didn't give them any special powers, and other reasons why people don't get OSUN powers is because they have bad intentions.

On a final note, it is your Job as OSUN priestess to preach OSUN to the world, it is your Job to go to communities and help people with the power of OSUN in you not to beg for money .

Osun is not a begger and she always provide for her true devotee and priestess.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

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