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Important of Fanta to all Elegbe Omo / Egbe Orun

Important of Fanta to all Elegbe Omo / Egbe Orun 

As I wish to go deeper in thought and writing, I would love to write few things on what people don't know .

I might not be able to say much but a few lines of words from AJE NLA won't hurt anyone's feeling especially all Egbe Orun.

Orange colour, red colour, wine colour, yellow colour are a code in egbe orun.

This colour signify emergency or quick actions according to the code of egbe Orun.

That is why during egbe orun initiation fanta is also one of those things that would be included as the materials because we want the egbe orun to see it as an emergency.

Fanta is very useful and its important cannot be underestimated.

I really wished to talk more but I can't .

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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