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Who is right and who is wrong ? Are Yoruba people / ORUNMILA from Egypt?

Who is right and who is wrong ? Are Yoruba people  / ORUNMILA from Egypt?

I have come again, AJE NLA the son of OBATALA has come again .

Just like Fela said ,basket mouth don come again o ,o o o 

Basket mouth don come again o o o

I go carry my mouth like basket o,

Ma la nu bi apere...

They said AJE NLA, what do you want to talk about today , them dey worry me .....

Worry worry me all over the night, them dey worry me...

YORUBA people are now becoming gluttony in nature, they can be brought and they have forgotten their history.

Some people don't know the name of their great grand father, their grand father or even the name of their own father.

They have forgotten the faces of their ancestors, the duties of their ancestors, the hard work and labour of their ancestors.

They have thrown away their rich culture and heritage in search for greener pastures that never existed.

What a shame...............

Shame on you .....


I am not a lover of history and I don't have interest in anything before until I met OSUN, the ORISA of sweetness who remove bitterness from my life.

Until I met Egungun the keeper of my family history and heritage, he makes me know the names of my father's, their hard work and heritage. 

We have Babalawo who are super rich and we have babalawo who are doing moderately fine.

Those who are rich are those who uses power and money to publicize wrong information to the people. Information that wasn't there.

Just like a babalawo that went to BBC Yoruba and start vomiting rubbish about Yoruba tradition and cultural values.

I didn't blame this fellow because our kingship and king makers are doing worse things that him.

Someone must have empowered that BBC Yoruba babalawo to vomit nonsense.

I AJE NLA is not the only man blessed with knowledge and no matter what I said, I would always tell people to enquire more from their IFA for guidance and better still they should visit ORISA OLOKUN the keeper of secrets for more information.

This BBC babalawo didn't said any of those, he didn't tell us to consult IFA to know if it's true or we should ask OLOKUN for clarification.

I AJE with my mouth wide open is now telling people that what that BBC babalawo said about Yoruba tradition and whatever is not true.

No nation or country tell stories of how their forefathers migrated from other countries.

Just like some foolish stories they once told us that Odùduwà came from mecca, I look at mecca and Yoruba people if there were any resemblance but there was none. It was some group of extremist trying to rewrite history for their own gain and power.

If Egypt and YORUBA has connection Yoruba would definitely look like Egyptians.

YORUBA history and culture can only be found within the Yoruba people and system, if you visit old OYO park you would see some history left there by our great ancestors, if you visit some part of osogbo, OSUN, Ekiti, IJEBU, OYO and some part of Yoruba land you would appreciate what our fathers died to protect. You would see and experience history right in front of your eyes .

Yoruba people are not from another Tribe, they (Yoruba) have been alone on its own, rich in culture, heritage , wealth, history and many more.

It is an act of jealousy from other tribes that they want to rewrite our history for us, they want to tell us our own story and history. who does that?

Who tell or can tell a story more than the owner of the story?

The truth is that they have been trying to wipe off Yoruba people from the face of the earth, thank OLODUMARE and OBATALA for their preservation.

I now understand why IFA was encoded in YORUBA and Yoruba alone.

I was with ORUNMILA the father of IFA in the future of IFA and Yoruba people, I can't talk on the full details on what we are doing or saying.

All I know is that you would see it as it is been revealed.

ORUNMILA had many reincarnation and in all his reincarnation he never left Yoruba land,he was never born in Egypt.

ORUNMILA might have sojourn to Egypt to teach IFA to the Egyptians. In the olden days , Babalawo are already told to move to a particular part of the world to help the people in those areas on their problems.

Even today, I know highly spiritual Babalawo who are always sent to people in one area or the other to help them. This babalawo would used their own money to travel and help those IFA sent them to without asking for a penny .

On this basis, ORUNMILA must has travel to Egypt to help them in one of his life time.

 ORUNMILA wasn't an Egyptian name, ORUNMILA is not Socrates.

If you wished me death, you won't last 7 days before you die.

If you wished me evil, you would die.
I AJE NLA is not one of those corrupted Babalawo or power drunk Babalawo.
I am a sole ranger, a lone wolf but with OBATALA and all the ORISA .

So I said again, think twice before you reason my matter because 6 feet is not deep at all within 7 days which is not far at all.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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