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Facts about Osoosi

Òsóòsi also known as Oxoosi by the Brazilians is one of the indigenous and prominent Orisa in Yoruba religion and he had facts that will interest you. 

Below are 15 amazing facts about Òsóòsi.

1.: He was a great hunter who used ofá ( bow and arrows) for hunting plus he is a great archer.

3: He is very closely related to Ogun, that people are of the belief that Òsóòsi is the second-in-command to Ògún.

4: Òsóòsi is known to be a powerful Irunmole who is good in hunting and who is generous, gregarious and likable type.

5: He uses the skin of leopard as his clothes and sometimes that of the deer.

6: Òsóòsi was syncretized with some Saints. Saints Sebastian or Saint George of the Candomble and Saint Norbert of the Santeria.

7: He is also a good security acting similar to police officer that protects the habitants of one area.

8: He is also the one that owns a prison, he decides if somebody is to be set free or locked down.

9: He is also a good magician, soothsayer, warrior and fisherman

10: He resided in the forest, he spent most of his time in the forest and at the river bank

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