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The fastest way to recover from Evil is through ORISA

The fastest way to recover from Evil is through ORISA 

They can give you all the soap in the world to bath, of course it would work but it would be slow.

People generally have the same problem but different odu.

For instance let me tell you what is really happening or what has been happening.

After fasting and all sort of spiritual work, you might start dreaming of seeing a beautiful sweet dreams when in the real sense, in reality things doesn't change at all.

The dream would surely come to pass but you surely can't tell when.

If your problem is very light the dream might happen faster but if your problem is thick, the dream might take years before it happened in real life .

The only way to fasten things is to feed ORISA .

Problems are thicker than each other.

Some problems are soft that ordinary salt would solve them and some problems are like a forest, you need help from ORISA.

It really doesn't matter what we say. Just make sure you follows your heart 

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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