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The 7 sisters of the Moon

7 sisters of the Moon

The secrets of the moon lies within the moon and her most trusted allies.

Few people only know about the magic of the moon or the magic that comes from the moon.

Over the ages many are obsessed with the magic of the moon and because of their obsesession the moon went on hiding , hiding her secrets from the most dangerous heart of man.

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The moon has seven eyes, if you have a legit IFA with you kindly do your IFA consultation because I have confirmed this information before writing.

Each eyes of the moon represents a spirit and this spirits are called the seven sisters of the moon.

Each eyes of the moon also signify each position the moon taketh while revolving about her orbit . 

There are seven possible position of the moon and this also referred to the seven eyes of the moon and they signify the seven sisters of the moon .

Maximum energy is always at its peak on a full moon 

During the full moon, all the sisters of the moon are present to have their monthly meetings and this is one of the reasons why on a full moon, the energy from the moon is always very high and magical .

Some people try to copy the sisters of the moon by creating a coven made of only women.

They called themselves the sisters coven or the sisters and they have branches all over the world .

Be informed that this sisters are just trying to emulate the sisters of the moon, many of this sisters practice magic and they called themselves witches.

This earthly created sister have their meeting on a full moon just like the sisters of the moon.

This group of sisters created by some group of people are different from IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO.

The sisters of the moon are also different from IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO.

Though the sisters of the moon are always beneficial to mankind especially during their full moon.

We all know the importance of moon as taught in geography and physics.

At each full moon, energy is distributed across the globe to all groups and sub groups . Groups like egbe orun are also empowered through the moon energy.

The moon give out magic to the all world and realms and few people are taken to the small ocean at the centre of the moon to bath and be renewed .

Some people don't make this journey to the moon because they are either not recognize by the moon or not pure enough to partake .

The sisters of the moon are real and this secret is only known to few.

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