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Can I consult IFA in English? Can I do IFA consultation in any language?

Can I consult IFA in English? Can I do IFA consultation in any language?

Our fore fathers are wiser than all of us because they move closer to the ORISA and they got there inspiration from the ORISA.

IFA is bigger than any of us, IFA has been in existence before the birth of any other religious Beliefs like Christianity or Islam.

IFA can speak all language and understand all language.

IFA teaches language and inspire our ancestors to speak youruba Language, the same way IFA inspires other Tradition to speak their language.

The fact that IFA is known to the Yoruba people is the same reason why the ODU IFA is written in chronic Yoruba language that leave only the wise to decode it's true meaning.

Funny enough we hardly have any wise man among the Yoruba people or IFA practitioners of Today and that is why we have many versions if ODU IFA with each author simplifying it and breaking it down a little for lazy babalawo to read and understand.

I am not going to lie to you, IFA is encoded in Yoruba language.

I have met some pure spirit that speak pure Yoruba language and each time we meet I have to start looking for old people to translate the language for me.

I never know ORORUN means 5 days intervals until I met an ORISA that said I must do BLA blah on ORORUN.

Some ORISA would say Ojo aiku ni ko se kini Yi o ninu osu AGEMO.

Ko fan togba , ko ko fan togbe

Ko wa rubo enu ATI Olubobotiribo.

The above is just a simple illustration of the words spoken by the ORISA to me and it is undiluted Yoruba language.

If you are have not been giving the water from the ocean of wisdom, you would be lost in some deep words from the ORISA .

IFA speaks all language but it's original language is Yoruba language .

I have done consultation for someone who speak Dutch,google translate is not doing a good job in translation.

For him to be able to express himself very well, I told him to send me a voice note. I played the Voice note and said. IFA you have listen to this VN, now tell me what should be done.

It's so simple , I cast the cowries and it shows the solution.

Someone came to me from other part of Africa because she believes in IFA .

She speak her dialect with IFA and I collected the cowries from her .

I cast my OBATALA cowries and it shows me the solution.

On a final note,IFA is encoded in YORUBA language along with all it's forces ,ORISA and spirits but IFA understand and speak all language fluently.

Our fore fathers knows where the fountain of wisdom is located, they always go there to drink from this fountain and they never shared this secrets to anyone till they die.

It doesn't mean our fore fathers are bad people, they are scared that they cant see any one pure enough to be shown such secret.

I AJE NLA have found this fountain and am keeping it a secret till I die just like the people before me.

I AJE NLA have tried to give some wisdom to the world out of many that was giving to me via my articles. 

All I know is that, if you desire this path then you must be ready to pay the price of solitude, loneliness, purity, discipline, selflessness, service, giving ,

And many more .

Some of you belong to one cult or the other.

Funny enough, You can't be in ORISA club if you belong to any cult because to belong in any cult,you are definitely going to do one evil or the other and you can't talk about it.

I am not insane.

You are not just ready for this keap yet .

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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