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Don't be a slave to Money as a Babalawo / Alfa / Pastor

Don't be a slave to Money as a Babalawo / Alfa / Pastor 

You heard me right , many of you babalawo, alfa , imaam and pastors are slave to Money .

We are so self centered that we don't care about anyone or anything except ourself irrespective of the consequences of our actions on us or our children..

We just want to make the money at all cost.

Why are you bothered with money?

Why is money so important?

I guess not everyone can be like AJE NLA.

You would definitely get the money and money would look for you, you just have to remain pure and be focused.

Let your work and discipline speak for you but it can't speak for you because you don't have any.

You don't have discipline, you don't have specialty in what you do. You do all works in as much as it would fetch you some cash 

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