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Why do you want your ex Back?

Why do you want your ex Back?

I have received calls that when I received such calls again, I would just switched off my mobile handset .

I really don't know why people loves to go back to their ex or have their ex back .


Mostly it is because of Money that people want their ex back. They want their ex back because their ex has money to spend on them .

Most people that want their ex back doesn't love their ex, they just want the ex because of what their ex has to offer or what he has been offering them.

Most people that want their ex back are majorly women .

I received a call from a woman that wanted her ex back. , So I ask her , why do you want your ex back.

I asked her whether the ex is rich or has some money to spend, she said yes.

She claimed that he used her and dump her.

I asked how?

I asked her what does she has to offer this ex.

I asked her whether she has a business or work doing ,guess what she said.. NO . she had no value to her life , only to steal from someone in the name of Love.

What you don't know is that you are doing yourself more danger than good when you forced your ex back into your life .

As you tie your ex down, you are also tying yourself down also.

The context of this article cannot contain all the consequences of your action by forcefully getting your ex back.

What I think you need right now is to buckle up, focused more on your life and business and move on with your life .


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