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The truth is always misunderstood


The truth is always misunderstood

When you speak the truth people would think that it is because you are hungry that is why you are saying what you are saying.

They think you deliberately want to spoilt market for some other people .

But it is not.

When I started this blog www.orisa.com.ng , I speak nothing but the truth even though I wasn't a babalawo as at that time.

Pastors and the rest called me for advice, knowledge and I never resist anyone. I have nothing to hide .

I cannot remember how many times I was taken to the river of wisdom in the spiritual realm to drink.

So sometimes it is the breeze that blew that carry knowledge from other realms, sometimes it is the bird that would bring the knowledge, sometimes it is a spirit and sometimes nobody was sent and I have to be there to investigate things myself.

I know I have a lot of enemies but I don't think I have made enough enemies cos I think I need more enemies.

It is a deliberate act that I make a lot of enemies because I want people to pay for their stupid acts and uncultured behavior.

It is a deliberate act that I am shaking everyone's believe about IFA and everything about it because I know some people in their stupid behavior would fall for this bait .

They think they are all powerful but they are not. You have been making incision on your body but I doubt if those incisions have reach a million incision on you. Do you have a million incision on you? I doubt not.

I have decided not to be a burden on my clients by ignoring them and only replying when they talk because I am not a burden and at the same time I can't pray for anything evil to happen to them just because I want to collect money. No .

I can't answer everyone because I have rules and many can't stand those rules .

I can't answer everyone because I have my discipline in this spirituality. I don't jump at all what people want and I don't dance to anyone's tune. E.g Some ladies call me to give them soap for clients , I don't do such .

In short I specify on what I do not because I don't know other but I have choosen not to do them.

e.g people wanting to make money without having anything they actually do for a living.

The main purpose of my website www.orisa.com.ng was to correct some misunderstanding about IFA and the way people see it or practice.

It is not because I am making advert or hungry.

Just to give you what you don't know actually existed.

The truth can't be changed.

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