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My Journey so far as AJE NLA

My Journey so far as AJE NLA 

I have tried in my own way to enter the spiritual realm, I have try to take some mushrooms, LSD etc to have a glimpse of the spiritual realm as it was discussed in some books and ancient text.

But there is no back door into the spiritual realm , you can enter it forcefully and this is called astral projection because you project yourself in there.

While at some point you have one experience or the other and this experience has been hunting you, this is called astral travel.

I know the difference between astral projection and astral travel.

Many who delve into this don't know the difference.

They just read books and lots of books and yet they are not going anywhere.

They don't know that no one can enter anywhere without Initiation 

Out of many ,I can only remember this few list .

This are the few people have read about or books I can remember out of many.

The book of assamaian, 
about Albrecht Durer, 
mystic Christianity, about Ptolemy, 
Hermes Trismegistus, 
Hindu vendatic scripture, 
Bhagavad Gita, 
The complete Zohar,
 symbolism of Melencolia I, 
soduku for geniuses, 
John Milton paradise lost, 
The book of Moloch , 
Pandora Box,
The ancient text De occulta pholosophia , 
Celtic druids, 
the Jeffersonian Bible, 
gnostic gospel of Mary, 
mind of the world by Plato, 
carl Jung
Book of Jasher, 
book of numbers, 
Runes and it's Magic, 

And many more 

I have found a beautiful religion some years ago that teaches philosophy, mystics , religion, truth and everything but I found myself entangled in between Tradition when my childhood egbe orun came back into my Life after years of separation and I have to make a choice .

I chose Tradition and it has choosen me.

That is how I found myself here.

I can't be anything today if not for my Egbe Orun, they came looking for me when they think it is time for me to start my spiritual journey.

My Egbe Orun make sure they stand firm with me, cleanse me up, link me up with the ORISA and the other world.  Infact I owe it all to them.

This is why I wrote that egbe orun is the first heaven and your point of contact with other spiritual realm. But it is so shameful that those who are doing egbe orun initiation today doesn't have the power to link up the Initiate.

To me Initiation is an energy link up, a spiritual marriage between two and more forces .

I have been struggling for years now and it is now that the world is hearing about AJE NLA.

They think I don't know anything and I don't care, I have tried all book , tried all religion but I found myself here.

No one is in a power tussle with anyone.

Whether IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO are the smallest of power or not, nobody dares play with fire when it comes to them.

All I know is that no matter what cult you belong to, be it RF, Aboriginal etc. You dare not talk about it neither can you give details on what happened, how you enter their realm and the rest.

Talking about cult groups, I can say with my mouth open that they have nothing to offer to anyone. They just use you and dump you.

This cults or whatever doesn't identify talents, they sat down doing nothing and you walk to them for help and they saw your talents and manipulate it.

If this cult groups are so powerful, they should have identify me when I was in pit or gutter but lo and behold they are blind to see the choosen one because they have nothing to offer and they are all after the wealth of the world that won't take you anywhere .

Ever since you join this cult, how many spiritual experience have you had? 

If not for the bloody rituals and the driving of big cars, what have you achieved?

Are you truly at peace?

I was haunted by my childhood memories of what I saw. It has been my guide since to look for it and religion didn't give it to me.

I have read a lot of book before and  I stop reading books written by man because books by man are half knowledge, half baked. It contain 50% false information and knowledge that won't solve anything . So I stop reading book and read scrolls from deep down the ocean which contains more information.

I have not gotten to where I was destined to be or where I intended to be but I have a conviction that am on the right path.

ORISA don't like people who don't know their left from their rights, this is the case of many ISESE people because they do ISESE and still do other religion , they do ISESE but don't really believe in it, they do ISESE but don't have their own mind for making decisions. when in the actual sense, you are to be focus.

Orisa don't like people who doesn't read or not exposed to knowledge naturally.

Some Babalawo don't have exposure in the spirit realm or to the spirit realm and they are not making any effort sooner.

IFA has gone beyond throwing or casting of Opele etc. IFA is everything talking about philosophy, culture, mystics, and many more.

If my article found you offensive, go and fight with OBATALA if them born your father well.

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