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To be Powerful, You must have swallowed something powerful

To be Powerful, You must have swallowed something powerful

Power is not something cooked for you by any man or any Baba but it is a great power born within and with you or a gift from the Cosmos (universe)

Many people think the universe is old or dead but the universe is much active and alive, it give out powers , gift etc to those who deserves them.

Many powerful man tried to do something of such by swallowing Ado or something made by their own knowledge and wisdom.

I wrote an article about telling people not to be like me because you don't know how many of Us are within this body .

This is a good friend who IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO connects with me few months ago, I went to IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO about him and they said he is one of them and he is pure .

So I told him what must be done ......

Now he is telling me what is happening and I have to show him that he is not alone .

If you like eat all the spiritual work in the world and you won't still be where you pictures to be.

Power is born within, sometimes the power grows out of nowhere within you just like nothing coming forth out of nothing but this is very rare as many people can't walk that path of purity . They all want the faster route .

My next article would be about my journey through spirituality and how I was found .

I remain the son of OBATALA.

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