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Eclipse and it's spiritual significance

Eclipse and it's spiritual significance

Today we are experiencing eclipse in some part of the world and so many people are only eager on watching the video.

Anytime there is an eclipse, something is happening somewhere which you are not aware.

Let us start from what you know to what you don't know.

Do you know that there was nothing special about the death of bros J?

When the bible say that the day turn to night few hours after the death of bros J, it was talking about eclipse.

Jesus was lucky to die or choose to die on the day of eclipse for the reasons best known to him .

Anytime there is an eclipse, some ancient portal opened allowing some spirits,forces of old as time to transcend into this realm.

Let us have it at the back of our mind that this forces all loved to come to this realm as a servant looking for master or as a master looking for servant. 

Tonight in some coven, they would receive a lots of guest many of which flow through because of the eclipse.

As some good forces are entering this realm. So also we have some bad forces that would also enter this realm .

This forces either good and bad already have their destination or who to visits and that is why I said some coven would be filled up tonight because of this strange guest which they had .

This eclipse would cause an increase in power for magis , druids, magicians, politicians and all those involve in one or two spiritual dealings .

Though this power would not cut across board because it is going to be first come first serve or survival of the strongest.

Many coven are going to have a power contest tonight to select who would be giving the power . Someone has to be selected for this new and strange power .

On a final note, eclipse are a way by which the universe purge out some forces and at the same time create some new bond , forces for the greater good of man kind .

Those who are not in any coven or Initiation can just be on their kneel and beg the father of creation for mercy.

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