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Never Neglect your Egbe Orun so that they won't neglect you in hard time

Never Neglect your Egbe Orun so that they don't neglect you in hard time

For those that need favour from their fellow man and from Above.

You need your egbe orun to do that for you.

If you don't have money for your egbe orun initiation,it doesn't stop you from feeding your egbe orun regular if you wish.

Nothing in this life is by force and no one should force anything on anyone.

Just like humans , they eat. The more we feed them regularly the more they tends to our needs.

The choice of you feeding them is yours . Some people feeeed their egbe once in three months,some people feed them monthly, some people feed them every 6months  while some people feed them weekly.

Just remember that egbe orun are your spiritual army, forces and family.

They would treat you the way you treat them.

Remember that, Nobody is forcing anyone on anything.

You can feed your egbe orun anywhere you like , there is no rule that said your egbe orun is stationed somewhere .

They are spirit, they are always present anywhere you name is mentioned .

The fact that someone do Egbe Orun INITIATION for you doesn't mean that you can't feed your egbe orun somewhere else .

You can feed your egbe orun anywhere .

The reason being that,you might do your Initiation with someone and yet you are seeing no changes.

You have a choice to move ahead to another person whose ORISA egbe is legit to feed your egbe orun for you.

If you feed your egbe orun and you are not seeing any changes , you need to change to another person whose ORISA egbe is legit .

You can change from anyone to anywhere.

Just that people are always weak in making a good decision because of attachment of some sort but they don't remember that in Life, there is no friend and there is no enemy.

Everyone would enter their grave with nobody following them inside.

That is why as a son of OBATALA,I really don't care about anything or anyone except my self. It doesn't mean am selfish but it means that I am responsible for everything, my decision are not clouded with emotions or feelings .

Egbe Orun are garbage in, garbage out.

After feeding of egbe Orun,it only takes them seven days to reveal themselves to you wherever you are in any part of the world.

If they feed egbe orun for you in Nigeria and you are in Japan,before seven days you would see your egbe orun.

If you can't see them,you would fe their energy around you.

So if they feed fake egbe orun for you and after seven days you can't feel anything, us know that you just wasted your money.

Egbe Orun are quick in action .

The always replied faster than the air.

The son of OBATALA 

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