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Most Babalawo can identify your problem but can't tell you solutions

Most Babalawo can identify your problem but can't tell you solutions

I know this topic would sprout out a big confusion and even make some enemies but it is good. In as much as it is making more enemies I have no worry .

There are types of IFA and Babalawo

There are some IFA that sees all the heaven and earth with nothing hiding from them

We have some IFA that only see what is happening on earth alone.

We also have some IFA that doesn't see anything at all.

Why did I say all this?

They are only using eye opener or something that would help them to see part of people's problem .

They have olugbohun (animal horn enhancer) which they used to put authority in what they do.

Once you visit a babalawo and you see olugbohun, just run because they don't have any power whatsoever.

They would tell you your problem which would be very close to being accurate but when you pay them for the solution, the problem would not be solved.

This kind of Babalawo has a lot of charisma and they can they can sweet mouth, they can scare the hell out of you .

They would say there is danger if you don't do this in 7 days or else....

When does IFA tell us to scare people ?

Or create fear in people so that they can quickly come back and do what we ask them to do.

A lot of people have acquired problem from a fake babalawo using olugbohun to force things into reality in their life after making consultation for them. Thereby telling them of a danger coming if they don't do what he says .

We know there is consequences to everything, if you do IFA consultation and you didn't do what IFA says . 

IFA foretell coming events and how to prevent it and it is left for you to decide if you want to prevented or you want such event to happen . 

This are the consequences. Not any babalawo telling you or giving you 7days ultimatum or telling you something bad would happen. 

Any babalawo that is using olugbohun is not a babalawo. They are just a hungry nigga looking for what to eat .

I rest my case on this and I want to sip my Juice .

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