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The Ways of OBATALA the great ORISA NLA

The Ways of OBATALA the great ORISA NLA

OBATALA is the ORISA that doesn't disturb his followers

As the son of OBATALA I found it amazing that Baba doesn't really disturb his followers .

OBATALA is always around every time and every day but you have to learn his way in a very hard way to experience OBATALA.

If you are not doing it rightly you might to experience OBATALA presence.

You might not feel his presence if you are not spiritually lifted high .

OBATALA is a highly spiritually raised ORISA yet he is always everywhere but to tap into his essence you just have to learn the way of OBATALA.

The way of OBATALA is a very hard path to take.

 Talking of his patience ,I still find that hard to accomplished because I am kind of impatient.

Talking of discipline, I am still managing myself on this road of discipline.

Talking of Abstainance from sex , drink, women, No one is 100% righteous.

Talking of Abstainance from drinks and hard drugs, many fall in this wide pit.

Talking of Purity of Mind and intentions, are you pure in this aspects ?

Abstainance from the world and creating your own world, this means you have to be in your own world,create the environment you want and the life you want or desire . 

This is where people failed because they just followed others like sheep when you can think on your own .

The ways of OBATALA is not easy to take and those who claimed to be olobatala or OBATALA sons and daughters or OBATALA devotee can not deny that they are not meeting up to OBATALA's standard .

How many OBATALA devotee follows the way of ORISA NLA?

The son of OBATALA.

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