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How can a child’s destiny be determined?

How can a child’s destiny be determined?

Your destiny can be determined or known when you do AKOSEJAYE.

This is done at early years of a child's life , most especially during the naming ceremony or before or after .

Most parents stop checking this because of some bad belle people who may be present at the child's naming or during the akosejaye rituals.

AKOSEJAYE is not bad because the necessary sacrifice to avert many things would have been done and the child in question would have been fortified from birth.

When I had my children, it was OBATALA and ORUNMILA along other ORISA that were there for the AKOSEJAYE.

I remember my family ORISA AGBODERE was there with us for some days . Not everyone could see them and not everyone is allowed in that room where the child was.

I can never forget the impact and the contribution of each ORISA in my life 

Should I talk about when I took my wife for delivery, the doctors check and said the baby is still far after checking with their fingers. So they left Yet the pain was so much on my wife . 

Should I remind you that OSUN was there to ease the pain in the labor room, in 15minutes the baby's head was outside and the doctors were nowhere to be found.

When I talk about this ORISA people think I am just bluffing even Babalawo doubt my words but I know what I saw, I know my relationship with each ORISA and I know I am not bluffing.

You are doing yourself more evil by neglecting this Tradition and rituals .

You can't deny that you are struggling and suffering.

The truth 
The son of OBATALA 

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