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The stone and it's secrets

The stone and it's secrets

Every rock has a spirit and what it represent 

Not everyone believe in what I say because they are yet to experience it and because they are not pure of heart or due to other reasons .

Many don't know that rock is an important part of Life that carries the DNA of many relations and families .

In the olden days , some great men turned themselves to Rock for them to save their family, clan and villages from war and many other disasters .

Go and check the history of many villages with rocks , you would understand that rocks are more than just rocks , they are history .

You can't deny this fact that the bible talk about rock and the christians think Bros J is the Rock of Salvation. No wonder they all loved to go on top of a rock to pray .

The Muslims also speak of rocks and in kabba there is rock .

I was urinating on a rock when it speaks , I have to look for a way to beg the rock and I move on.

People would think am running mental cos of this expression of the rock speaking to me but I am in a good mental state of health.

The facts that they have polluted with mind with the love of money, they all wanted to be rich with good cars and houses.

The fact that they want to enjoy their life when in the real sense they don't know how to enjoy.

I would drop an article on how to enjoy life to its fullest cos I am enjoying my life .

The rock plays a major roles in faith and religion but many still don't know it's significant.

If you go to Jerusalem or where do the christians go to? You would see them praying to a rock . A rock representing one family which is not in any way relating to your family yet you go and pray to another man's ancestors .

I would still explore more and talk on this issue of rocks and his belief but first let me relax on this .

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