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Egbe Orun ALARAGBO top secrets


Egbe Orun ALARAGBO top secrets

Most people have been hearing ALARAGBO before now but can't put their hands in what the egbe orun does or what it is all about .

I am a traveller of other worlds and realms, I have seen and unseen what many eyes cannot see.

I have eaten what many mouth have not eaten, traveling through other realms means I would meet different people and different culture, spiritual level and we would be entertained. This is what I mean when I said I have eaten many things many mouth has not .

Alaragbo is a water based egbe orun which is much more powerful as well like other egbe orun but this egbe orun are so disciplined and strict .

Not many iyanifa or babalawo can tell so much about them but I would say one or two things which they don't know.

As ALARAGBO grand father, of course I am also an ALARAGBO. I am an Eleriko and I am a member of all Egbe Orun . That is a story for another day .

As a member of this egbe orun, that is why it is easy for me to write about them because I have seen and experience and I have license to say one or two things about them to promote and enlightened people about what they have been doing wrongly.

Alaragbo is controlled by IYAMOPO. A water giant based spiritual energy that is feminine in nature .

IYAMOPO are my mothers o and they are one of my back bones why I am still AJE NLA, I always give credit to those who deserves them because I am not selfish in taking glory. We are all in this together and because of that people must also know about them as they knew about me , giving them more awareness and creating more knowledge, thirst to those who wish to know .

Alaragbo are the sons and daughters of IYAMOPO the same way iyalode are the sons and daughters of IYAAMI ELEYE .

Alaragbo is a sub group of IYAMOPO, they are their children.

IYAMOPO is a pure energy that can't be diluted or make impure, because of this ALARAGBO was created by IYAMOPO for humans to be able to be a member since they can't join IYAMOPO.

IYAMOPO is not an egbe orun, IYAMOPO is not just energies but IYAMOPO is an ORISA .

An ORISA that was created when the first element was created and do you know the first element?

Water was the first element.

Water was created before land was created .

In some stories, Odùduwà was sent from heaven with some stuff and he came down to earth full of water .

From onset this world was water and water has a lot of secrets no one has ever known or seen or experience.

Jesus as powerful as he is didn't enter water, he never preached inside the water despite the facts that they are living creatures , spirit and souls inside water .

Jesus should have preached to IYAMOPO or even YEMOJA or OSUN or OLOKUN but he didn't

Was it that Jesus was afraid of this ORISA?

He (Jesus) only took their permission to walk on water and the permission was granted .

Throughout the Bible, anything that has to do with water was not recorded because it was forbidden.

Water remains an unresolved mystery that can never be solved because this mystery lies in the hands of OLOKUN the keeper of secrets....

I couldn't talk more, I wished I can do a video that can't be copyrighted but I think Ii have made a divine communication with you .

The son of OBATALA
The kings of birds

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