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Who would you pick between Elegba and ESU?

Who would you pick between Elegba and ESU?

Sometimes the ORISA choose you and you must not disappoint them 

I have come in contact with most ORISA than any higher rank Babalawo or Araba of any cult or groups .

I know I am giving you guys headache, you just have to wait till I clock 100 to die because you my death is not in your hands .

To have an ORISA sometimes they choose you for who you are or meant to be.

Many want to be in this path but can't afford all it takes.

Only if you are a good person and faithful with the ORISA you are holding, only then would you have more ORISA to work with you and help you in all you do.

I am not a writer of books and I don't intend to write one.

Only if ORUNMILA could have spoken on this hidden secrets but he didn't.

Any way, are you ready for ELEGBARA, Elegba 

The mighty warrior .....

Who would you pick between Elegba and ESU?

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