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Elegba is not the same thing as ESU

Elegba is not the same thing as ESU 

Not all babalawo know the difference between Elegba and ESU .

I know the difference and I can tell the difference because I have seen them and I know them like the back of my hands .

I know many would still argue because they don't know and are not ready to learn.

99% of Babalawo don't know the difference between ESU and Elegba .

Esu is a neutral force. There are some instances that ESU would not do anything rather than stay neutral.

For instance a war between the ORISA , ESU would not want to take side . He would let them solve it out .

Most Babalawo would say that ESU is the same thing as Elegba but that is wrong .

Elegba gave birth to ESU though I can't tell you who the mother was.

Still doubting, many babalawo holds a fake Opele and a fake ikin with a fake IFA.

Even if they ask IFA a thousand times, it would still not give an accurate answer .

Elegba is a highly principled ORISA that can't be seen everywhere because if you do rubbish, he would spank you even though you are his devotee .

This are one of the many reasons why many people don't have it or don't know about this ORISA .

Incompetent babalawo are everywhere and they are the ones spoiling IFA and yet they are seen with chieftaincy beads up and down.

They don't know anything about ancient ORISA neither do they follow the ways of the ORISA .

I am angry at everyone because they are not doing their Job very well.

They don't like me and I don't like them, I would called Aganju for you and you would met like ice before the next day 

Aganju is the Father of SANGO,he is the larva inside the volcano. 

You don't want to mess with him.

On my blog I have few documentation on some ORISA and I am still hoping to write more 

Elegba is much alive and active and if you mess with the AJE NLA the son of Elegba, na you go tell the stories for others to run for their life .

When you visit ESU's compound you would called Elegba grand Pa cos he is a legend and legend don't make noise .

Their reputation proceed them at all time.

ESU always find the neutral ground for every thing but Elegba would call a spade a spade.

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