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IF OBATALA really created the world, why do we have different races ?

IF OBATALA really created the world, why do we have different races ?

This is a question from someone very close to me and I had already explained to him but I think the world need to know the answer as well.

Civilization started from somewhere, everyone is trying to picture how early life looks like . Most religion had their own story of creation but am so sorry to break your heart because those stories are not true.

Why would their God confuse them because they work in unity to build a giant tower that could reach heaven?

Another question is that, was it the same sky above our head that is referred to heaven or there is something different the people of babel were doing differently that is not recorded .

Does it mean that God doesn't like unity among his people ?

I know they would said that it was the devil that escaped from heaven that went there to confused them.

All this motherfucking religion are only good at pointing or putting blame on something or someone . They never accepted responsibility.

Still on still they assume that one man has died and carry all their sins away when in the real sense no one can take responsibility for another man's action because of the law of karma .

If you want to look deeply then you would understand that the law of karma and other laws state that everyone is responsible for their actions.

How can someone used his child for ritual and claim that someone has died for his sin?

It is just a way of running away from responsibility.

No man or bros J or Pastor can take your responsibility, it is just like eating and you don't want to defecate. You have eaten and it is a must to defecate.

Understand this Law and you would understand life better .

I am a man of law and I quote law before action ,thanks to OBATALA and the ORISA .

Nobody actually has the story of creation or how the human race expanded but I would say one or two things to give you hints.

Creation started with one or two people or even few. Who knows .?

They are more spiritual and advanced in everything than people of  today . Nobody took them as a slave to teach them what is entirely different from who they are or are meant to be

All I know is that the earliest people are together at a place and due to one or two reasons they have to move ahead  ...

Wanting to discover themselves more, they have to leave their normal gathering and travel to another place or even create their own settlement .

Many cities in Yoruba were founded by people who their IFA told to leave that particular place of their dwelling and move ahead to form another settlement . 

If a child is born different, the father may be chase out of the clan or community for being different.

Such child may be seen as a calamity .

This is another reason why people spread across the globe.

When we talk about language, spirituality bring about inspiration and such inspiration can lead to the development of language.

Someone develop Morse code, I believe it is from inspiration. Now Morse code is accepted in army and other military operations.

This is how people of those days developed their own language.

This is how people spread across the world . 

There are instances where a family give birth to a child that doesn't resemble the parents but resemble their grand parents. This is to show that in our gene DNA we have all sort of codes in it which are just sleeping or inactive.

Human beings have gone through a lots of evolution over the years and our body keep on adapting to the environment we found ourself .

We know creation started from Africa and the race with the red colour become jealous and has burnt down many books of history, site of history , created a new religion and capture others to prove their superiority.

What can I say? Humans would forever remains human, fighting for land ,power and superiority.

We are still fighting today, fighting for freedom from religion , for freedom from economic and political influences, freedom from family problems and everything that has to do with Humans .

Only those who are ready to walk in the spiritual realm would life be easy for  .

Spiritual people are protected In one way or the other and those who know the law are super protected .

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

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