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Yoruba kings and wife taboos


Yoruba kings and wife taboos

Kings in the olden days marry only virgins

Kings in the olden days are believe to be next to ORISA and ORISA don't eat left overs.

Any woman that has lost her virginity cannot be given to the king because it is believe that she is a leftover of another Man .

How many king today can boast that his wife was once a virgin?

When the king himself cannot boast that he was selected by IFA ?

The king makers cannot boast that they are preserving culture ...

Look at the set of liars and thief's who are supposed to protect culture but turn out to be thieves and liars .

How would our culture stand the test of time with this bunch of people?

The king is taking a wife that has been disflowered by another man, the king is eating another man's left over  

The king is doing a taboo. A first class grade taboo for that matter .

Now listen to a small highlights from AJE NLA, the son of OBATALA.

In the olden days we have more structure and more enlightened, everyone know their place and where they belong .

Infact before the demise of the current king, the town already know the next five generational king to ascend the throne . This is possible because of structure, faith in IFA , faithfulness towards one another and everyone values their worth more than money .

Today not everyone has a value anymore. They are bought with money and they don't even know their own value anymore .

What a shame 

In those days, every family prepared his daughter in preparation to be selected as the kings wife because they understand cultural values .

I wished I could talk more .

The son of OBATALA 

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