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Spiritual Cleansing with water

Spiritual Cleansing with water

We have gained some familiarity with water and how it can be used in spiritual baths. 

Now consider water in its natural state, and see how it may be used for spiritual cleansing. 

Water has a number of uses and when it is combined with herbs or other ingredients, it can be very useful for cleansing. 

Water is, after all, the largest single constituent in life on earth!
In several religions traditions, God told King Solomon he created the sea to absorb and hold every evil thing. 

For this reason the noble and learned monarch deposited the flasks and bottles containing ten thousand evil spirits into the sea. 

He had contained the evil spirits to relieve the sufferings of humanity. 

Along the shores of the Eastern Mediterranean many stories are still told about fishermen bringing up one of the ancient bottles. 

The men have remarkable adventures with the genii-spirits that are released from the bottles when they are opened.
Sea water is powerful for absorbing and removing negative influences. 

Fresh water can be used for this purpose as well. All fresh water falls upon the earth and is used in cleansing, it is simply necessary to command it (through prayer) to take the negativity it is removing to the ocean. 

If there is a difference and a similarity in the effects of fresh ans sea water, we might inquirer as to whether there is a difference between the effects of other types of water. 

Those who have devoted time to opening the intuitive faculty assure us that there is a difference. 

They say that each kind of water has its own particular function, and thus its own use in the universal scheme of things. 

We will discuss some of the various kinds of water and see just how they can be used for spiritual cleansing.

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