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Why we use incense

Why We Use The Incense:

Incense can be used to cleanse a car, apartment, home, place of business or a new place of dwellings. 

You can also cleanse, or smudge or fumigate a person and your pets. Stronger cleansing incense can actually have a detrimental effect upon those who are unskilled in their use.  

We will share the incense and their generic individual usages for your personal information.

Incense affects the sense of small affecting us in a pleasant or unpleasant way. 

Incense believe it or not seeps into the spiritual and astral realms effecting changes there as well. 

When having a basic generic understanding of the reason for the usages, the incense will be extremely effective. 

Incense will remove negative forces  or draw positive forces towards you. It is very important to understand how and why the incense are being used. 

Burning incense can be compared to sending up a bacon or flare to attract those spiritual forces.

These forces have a regular job to do for us,  to restore the natural harmony in our lives. we wish to call. 

Each odor appeals to a particular force and the force answers the call. 

Once the forces come to where the incense is burning, they manifest their nature and we obtain the effect we wish in the place to which we call them.

When we use incense to cleanse a place, or space we are calling those astral forces to come and aide us and to remove  Negative Influence from  situations. 

Be it a person, a place or a thing. We burn the incense to improve the vibrations.  We use a single or a combination blend this is like a telephone number so to speak. 

We should always be aware of what and why when burning incense. We should begin to burn incense with a consciousness. 

When we burn incense out of this order we are risking the vibration we are summoning and this can very well block or send out the wrong messages and will not act in a harmony to our desires. 

People with a consciousness will not burn an incense just because it smells good. We also pay close attention to whom distributes and makes the incenses we purchase.

We use incense in summoning the forces that will act in harmony with our desires. In summoning, the forces will only act in direct proportion to the sincerity and clarity of the prayer extended. 

In order to use an incense properly we must first understand theses spiritual rules. Until the individual is familiar with the basic usages it is fruitless to experiment, so follow these blogs to the letters.  

It is also very important to have a clear mind and clear thought when proposing a prayer. 

When your mind is distracted,  the delusions of ones mind provides as to their effects only harm the individual, as well as assist him in making your life a bit better.

All the spiritual work is primarily a matter of sensitivity symbolizes an intent.  When proper symbolism and intent is utilized , the matter of sensitivity decreases in importance. 

Your intent is utilized the matter of sensitivity decreases in importance. Intent is really a matter of how sincere you are about what you are trying to accomplish.

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