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Symbolism of spiritual cleansing with egg


An egg is a symbol of the potential for life–especially one of growth and development. 

It represents a pure state, one in which the potential exists for the fully divine life. Birth indicates an entry into the world of matter and egg symbolism indicates that birth has not yet occurred. 

Because of this natural symbolism, the egg is one of the most effective agents for absorbing psychic or spiritual negativity. 

Those forces which are inimical to life, growth or development in the world of spirit will turn from the human or animal victims to which they are directed and seek the egg as their their prey.

The spiritual function of an egg is different than agents of dissipation, such as vinegar, mothballs or camphor. 

The egg absorbs negative energies from the area where it has been placed. It absorbs without thought or question, whether it is in a chicken house, a store or a kitchen when it is used specifically to remove negativity by a spiritual practitioner.

If someone prays over an egg, it is able to absorb more of the spiritual negativity from an individual than if the egg is not prayed over. 

A sincere prayer will help the egg in the removal of negative forces. The prayer includes the object and helps it fulfill it’s mission in the ritual. 

In Western Civilization, we seldom have the same respect for what we use, as those for example who were raised in less sophisticated cultures. 

The prayer over the egg is similar to the prayer or blessing used in a mass or other religious ceremony. 

Prayer directs the egg to the work desired by the person who prays over it. 

The words of the prayer are manifested. Those who work with such things say you must be careful what you ask, as you may get what you ask for.

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