Wednesday, October 4, 2023

EPO OBO and its Uses


 Epó Ọbọ́ - Ficus Platyphylla Also known as the Broadleaf Fig or Flake Rubber Tree, Epó Ọbọ́ is a potent tree bark with protective properties. It serves as a deterrent to evil spirits and malevolent individuals, creating a shield around homes and individuals.

Epó Ọbọ́ acts as a poison to those with malicious intentions, ensuring positive energy within its vicinity.

 This versatile substance can be used to create soap for bathing or added to bathwater for spiritual cleansing.

Placing a piece of Epó Ọbọ́ on your table offers continuous protection against negative influences and dispels bad dreams.

It is employed for various spiritual practices such as iyonu (attraction), arobi (protection), and awenu (cleansing). It holds a special place in the wisdom of our ancestors (Ebe awon agba).

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