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Traditional DNA test for Families - Final solution for Men


 Traditional DNA test for Families - Final solution for Men

I have seen many men killed themself over this issue of DNA and the woman are happy .

The woman this day are killing the men, they flirt while still in their marriage and not just bringing bad luck to their husband but also bring bastard for their husband to raise.

Women dont see anything bad in this and it is becoming rampant this days.

The only solution to it is to go back to our ancestors, what do i mean by that?

Men have been decieves by foreign religion into believing that our local and traditional religion are bad, but am telling you that it is not.

What has that religion done for you when your wife bring a bastard child? NOTHING

Each family have a family orisa or shrine or deity which has been long forgotten, we should try and reconnect with them.

This orisa have rituals they do for new born baby to welcome the child into the family and if the child die in the process of the ritual, them the child is a bastard.

In some Family, the woman might not even give birth to the bastard in the first place, its either there is a miscarriage or the mother and the baby die on the day of delivering.

Men need to wake up.

There was this incidence that happen in my area.

This Family used to worship AGBODERE, a giant snake and it has been in the family for generations .

When the woman give birth, the husband start the rituals and one faithful night before the naming ceremony , the husband and wife hadthe same dream

They dream that a giant snake came into the house and inspect the baby

Luckily the snake gift the child a lot of blessing and empowered the child.

That is a sign that the child is not a bastard.

Assuming the child was a bastard the snake would bite off the child head and that is the end.

I know some other Families that always put their child on water, if the child come back alive then the child is not a bastard.

Men should wake up and not raise another Mans baby.

Enough is enough for the wise

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