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Meaning of ASE

The word asé () means "the power to do." It is the Will. The orisa of the Will is Sango. So what did the egun (ancestors) mean when they spoke of the "will" or "asé?"

The Will is the ability to accomplish. The Will is not the desire to accomplish, as some may say.

It is the ability itself. The egun described the Will (Sango) thru associating it with fire and lightning. This is because fire is the most powerful force on Earth.

The reference to lightning is because of its association with the sky/heavens; it thus represents the power/asé that is derived from heaven (orun).

Much confusion regarding asé/will derives from the misunderstanding that a person can have a strong or weak will.

They are imagining the will is someTHING you possess. The will is not something that can be possessed because it is something you ARE not something you have. You ARE asé. You ARE the Will. You ARE Sango.

Sango is said to live in the heart because the heart is the emperor of you bodily is the physical manifestation of the Will. For the will to be fully harnessed, you must recognize that it is an aspect of your true self.

It is what you are the power to accomplish because you are a microcosm of the allpowerful Olodumare

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