Sunday, May 28, 2023

IFA speaks on when the world will End

Someone said to me that according to the Christian Bible, the world is going to come to an end someday. So he asked me what's ifa's position concerning that and I said:

Bi igba eni bá lo l'owúrò
Igba Eniyan a dé l'álé
Èrò rilo
Èrò ribò ni o

If 200 hundred people leave in the morning
Another 200 hundred people will arrive in the evening
People will go and return to both Earth and Heaven

Lesson: It's the way we are doing on earth they are also doing in heaven. If we loose a soul here on earth..........

as we are mourning, they are rejoicing in heaven and vice versa.

For that reason, the world is never coming to an end. People go and come. It's just a rotation of body and soul.

-Holy odù Ösé Öfún-

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