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Thursday, May 16, 2024

The multiple spirit of ELA

The multiple spirit of ELA

The multiple spirit of ELA

Am not just a writer or a story teller. Though I would love to think of myself as the mouth peace of the ORISA . . So funny me 

Yesterday the IFA groups and councils across the world celebrate ELA day.

Many of which are just follow robots, no knowledge whatsoever of what they are doing or what IFA is all about. 

Bunch of readers of books done by fellow callous mind with little truth or no truth at all.

Who is ELA?

ELA is a beautiful spirit and I believe they are more than one. Just like ORISA AJE which are so numerous and up to 200.

I currently have two ORISA AJE and am working to have the remaining 198 in the future.

ELA is a very good friend of mine and we have spoken in many heavens .

For now and for the concept of this article , I can only talk on two ELA out of many spirits of ELA.

One ELA is responsible for the breaking of the day 


For each breaking of the day, I would surely break into success.

ELA the spirit that makes sure that the day breaks into a new one.

Another spirit of ELA is the one that is associated with IFA,the wisdom that comes with IFA . 

ELA is another ORISA that is linked and associated with IFA for it's infinite wisdom and understanding of things and situations.

Many of the dreams I interpret for clients and customers were inspired by the spirits of ELA.

I cannot forget the fact that ORISA NLA, my father OBATALA created all spirits and ORISA .

Like I always said, I would never write about an ORISA that I have not met before in my life and my catalogue of ORISA is becoming wider as the day goes by.

ELA knows about leaves and rituals .. They have their groups of spirits and they tends to know it all.

I don't want to go into other stories of how ELA was born because it's less of a concern to me, I love my interactions and relationship with the ORISA which give me more understanding on how they works and operates.

Many royal kings are called ADIMULA with no knowledge of what it means neither do they merit the tile .

If AJE NLA should go ahead and unravel the content of the name, many kings would have to leave the throne but I don't want that to happen. 

In the future when I shall be releasing some raw truth about some past and present ... Many kings shall be unseated or sent packing but for now, let them breath and eat from what they don't plant .

ELA you are highly celebrated by AJE NLA
Happy world ELA day.

The son of OBATALA

If you find this article somewhere else, note that it is copied from the son of OBATALA without any references.

Sunday, April 14, 2024

ORISA rules and Laws (Code of conduct for ORISA devotees)

ORISA rules and Laws (Code of conduct for ORISA devotees)

 ORISA rules and Laws (Code of conduct for ORISA devotees)

This video is encoded in YORUBA language.

Speaker : AJE NLA

Content highlights: Every ORISA has their code and conduct which would be given to anyone that feed them or anyone who join them as a devotee.

This conduct is not about what you eat or drink but about what you do , like what you must no do at any point in time .

Each ORISA has their rules and if you filed to follow this rule, whatever happens is at your own peril .

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Saturday, March 16, 2024

ORISA OLUBORI Introduction

ORISA OLUBORI Introduction

While I was rushing to go to class, to be fruitful I do go to school in the spirit realm .

I always go to OLOKUN for guidance and mentorship since he is my Godfather.

Most of all those articles I wrote are from his inspiration and what he taught Me.

So while I was preparing for another lesson from OLOKUN I met a new ancient ORISA.

The name of this ORISA is ORISA OLUBORI.

I don't think you have heard about this ORISA before.

This is just am introduction about the ORISA .

In my next post in coming days I would be telling the world who is ORISA OLUBORI and what it stand for .

In coming days I would tell the world what ORISA OLUBORI does and it's significant in the spiritual world.

I used to tell people, I am baba ORISA and it is my duty to link the world with the ORISA and at the same time tell the world about all this ORISA .

Being the son of OBATALA make it possible to walk the spirit realm with the ORISA .

Get ready to meet ORISA OLUBORI.

You can't see anything on the internet about ORISA OLUBORI because she is old as time and the knowledge about her is gone .

I would probably be the only one having ORISA OLUBORI as time goes on because I would have this ORISA before June this year.

I remain AJE NLA.
I talked about ORISA ONIMERE few months ago and today it's all about ORISA OLUBORI 

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

If you are born with dreadlocks or you knew someone, come and learn from this Video

If you are born with dreadlocks or you knew someone, come and learn from this Video

 If you are born with dreadlocks or you knew someone, come and learn from this Video

This video talk about ORISA DADA and how the concept of this ORISA was stolen to form a biblical story of Samson .

The story of Samson in the bible is a fallacy and a concept of ORISA DADA, which is not true .

People with dreadlocks can never be defeated because of this ORISA who his always with them at all time.