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ORISA OLUBORI Introduction

While I was rushing to go to class, to be fruitful I do go to school in the spirit realm .

I always go to OLOKUN for guidance and mentorship since he is my Godfather.

Most of all those articles I wrote are from his inspiration and what he taught Me.

So while I was preparing for another lesson from OLOKUN I met a new ancient ORISA.

The name of this ORISA is ORISA OLUBORI.

I don't think you have heard about this ORISA before.

This is just am introduction about the ORISA .

In my next post in coming days I would be telling the world who is ORISA OLUBORI and what it stand for .

In coming days I would tell the world what ORISA OLUBORI does and it's significant in the spiritual world.

I used to tell people, I am baba ORISA and it is my duty to link the world with the ORISA and at the same time tell the world about all this ORISA .

Being the son of OBATALA make it possible to walk the spirit realm with the ORISA .

Get ready to meet ORISA OLUBORI.

You can't see anything on the internet about ORISA OLUBORI because she is old as time and the knowledge about her is gone .

I would probably be the only one having ORISA OLUBORI as time goes on because I would have this ORISA before June this year.

I remain AJE NLA.
I talked about ORISA ONIMERE few months ago and today it's all about ORISA OLUBORI 

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