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Should a Babalawo Fast? A shocking answer

Should a Babalawo Fast? A shocking answer 

This is a controversial question and many Babalawo are saying No.

I love to shake the tables and I am telling you that fasting is the foundation of all religion in the world and beyond this world of human existence.

If you are very sure of the IFA or very sure of the Opele and everything that you are holding , you can consult IFA on this question.

Should a Babalawo Fast?

Can a babalawo Fast?

Should I fast as a babalawo?

Is it important for me to fast as a babalawo?

If your IFA is as pure as it should be, all your answer would be Yes.

My name is OLUWO ODUKUNLE AJE NLA and I love to cause trouble.

Now many Babalawo would say that it is not in ODU IFA to fast, I agree that it is not in ODU IFA to fast. 

Now I would ask a question, is it in ODU IFA to tie client?

Many Babalawo tie down all the client that come to them for consultation or whatever. Tell me, is it in ODU IFA to tie client?

Is it in ODU IFA to be a babalawo and also be a Muslim? 

Is it in ODU IFA to fast a Muslim fast while you are a babalawo?

Is it in ODU IFA to build a separate room for ORISA ?

Is it in ODU IFA to put lamp in your shrine?

Is it in ODU IFA to feed IFA for someone who doesn't have his/her own IFA but yet you are feeding IFA for them? Tell me, which IFA are you feeding for them?

Is it in ODU IFA to use olugbohun (animal horn as voice enhancer) ?

I have tonnes of questions I would love to ask but the time is not there .

People only talk of IFA if they don't want to do what is right. So they bring questions like , is it in ODU IFA?

So many people came for consultation or have done consultation and after doing it I would tell them, if I do anything for you ..

You must stay away from sex in the next 2 month and you must fast for two days.

Many would not come back because they don't believe that babalawo can recommend a fast.

Some people are still jumping from pillar to post looking for solution and I know they would never see any solution till they die. This is not a curse, they don't like the truth and anywhere they found the truth they would run away from it. Tell me, how can their problem be solved?

This reminded me of a man that came to do consultation early this year and I told him to feed OBATALA,I told him my very high price and he was like what and what are we using that the price is high.

I replied you can go and feed it wherever you like , it's your choice .

This same man message me with another number and was asking where I am, I know he is still looking for solution to his problem and running from post to pillar.

The hand of IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO was on him dealing badly with him. It is only OBATALA that can help.

I replied and said, sir I have seen your face before , this and that. He said, the situation of the country is the reason why he has not done this and that.

Deep within me, I laughed. I know he is still running from post to pillar looking for answers , looking for magic , looking for Power . He has the money but I know my condition of no sex and fast might have pissed him off.

In my mind nothing is wrong in this economy, people are building houses and buying cars , don't be negative and you would see your life progress.

As a matter of facts I am better than yesterday and I am making an improvement everyday because I am a flowing river, I move forward.

If you as a babalawo is so sure of yourself, do a video of your consultation with IFA via opele, ikin, cowries and many others and tell me if your IFA says no fasting.

But many won't do this because they detest the truth.

They follow one old man or one person who doesn't even know how the world works.

If I don't tell you the truth, no one would.

On a final note, you can't practice any spiritual path or religion without fasting.

You can't be a Christian, Muslim, Monk, Buddhist, illuminati, Rosicrucian, etc without Fasting.

Think twice if you still want to argue.

My new ORISA , ORISA OLUBORI is waiting for who to snack their ass.

The son of OBATALA.

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