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When last do you feed your Soul?

Knowledge is flying around in the air and it is your birthright to breath in that air.

Some people lock themselves up for days or even months because they think they are looking for God.

The truth is that they are not looking for God because God is not lost. If I would speak more clearly OLODUMARE is not lost.

What you are looking for is yourselves.

Monks build their temples far away from the cities to discipline themselves and control their heart desires.

We have some pastors who sleep and wake up on mountains while some other men of god are in caves where they lived.

They are all looking for themselves and nothing more.

They have decided to throw away all other desires except the true desire which is to find themselves.

In this country we have some people that has never seen the sky for the past 5 years or more. They have made a vow not to ever see the sky again.

There is no shortcut to attaining power. Whether you got it via self discipline and preservation or you acquire power by killing a lot of people and doing other bloody rituals.

Either way, power doesn't come easy. To maintain and stay powerful is even more difficult than having power itself.

How can you as a Babalawo now thinks that it is a taboo to fast?

The philosophy of fasting many of you don't know.

I am thinking whether to tell you or not.

I have abandoned fasting for years and I always have this excuse that I am working ,so I don't want to stress myself by adding another stress .

ORISA OSUN was looking at me and smiling. The day she made the fasting compulsory I had no choice .

So I fasted after many years of non fasting.

Around 11am in the morning I dose off (just an unannounced nap, it caught me unaware) and I saw birds bringing fruits for me to eat and I ate.

I woke up and feel renewed and that was it.

Fasting is not for the body, it's to sharpen the soul. When you fast it is your soul that fast while your body follows the rule laid down by the soul . By so doing you won't be hungry .

If you fasting is genuine, they would bring spiritual food for you to eat. This is why some people fast for days.

When we fast,it entitled us to eat spiritual food which nourished the soul.

No fasting can give you ulcer except if you are fasting for fasting sake or no divine guidance on it.

I am talking from experience.

The spiritual food which you eat during fasting prevent you from having disease relating to fasting and other diseases.

Any day you are not fasting , please drink milk and eat good food.

I eat a lot and I drink a lot of tea. In fact I take good care of myself .

Our problem is that we don't really take good care of ourselves after fasting . This are what leads to ulcer and other ailments.

On a final note, you can't have a good spiritual signal if you don't fast. And you need to maintain the power and energy by fasting .

Do you know that those who have ulcer didn't get ulcer from fasting? Many of them don't eat as at when due.

I eat as early as 5am. Even today in this current country , I don't joke with my stomach or that of my children.

The decision to Fast or not is yours to make, be it pastor, babalawo or Alfa.

All I know is that, for you to attain power and maintain power you need to be pure of mind, heart , intentions and be disciplined.

When we fast, we disciplined ourself on many things and it keep us pure of mind and intentions.

Please drop your comments whether good or bad.
I am not going to say any pim,I need people's mind on this one especially critics .

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