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Rules of fasting (understanding the soul and Body)

Rules of fasting (understanding the soul and Body)

If you have ulcer don't fast, your health is very important.

But you can do fruits fasting by eating fruits to replace the eating of food.

Coconut water contains electrolytes which will replenish lost energies within you.

Other fruits are also good except for orange and cashew because of their acidic content.

In all we do,we should always find the balance.

Don't fast because you don't have anything to eat, fasting is not done for that reason.

For a start, you can fast once a month. The first day of each month is good enough for a start.

To put the rest of the month in the hand of OLODUMARE.

Fasting is an ancient things, in the olden days where rituals is more prominent than today, they fasted.

There is no access to the spiritual realm without fasting in one way or the other.

In some religion they locked themselves up while fasting, they called it the hour of reflection or something reflection.

If you don't have a regular feeding pattern, don't fast. Some people eat very late on a normal day. 

Some people eat around 12pm or 2pm on a normal day when they are not fasting. You are digging your own grave.

No matter how hard the country, try and put something in your stomach as early as possible because that money you don't have, you would cough it out when you have one ailments or the other.

Be wise 

Do you know that you can speak with your body and it would listen?

Your body and soul are one, they are supposed to work together but some people operate at a different level of frequency which is different from that of their soul.

This miss match is one of the reason why your body can't speak with your soul.

Your body must know what your soul want and your soul must know what your body want.

This is why it is called body and soul. They are one .

When you are fasting on the first day of every month, your body already knows and understand that it is time for the soul to eat.

So the body would fast and allow the soul to eat.

The body and soul need to understand themselves very well and they need to communicate with each other.

Can your soul speak with your body?

Of course they do. That is why if you don't remember your dream, you just know the most important concept of the dream yet you don't remember the dream.

You just know that I shouldn't do this or that. This is a good example of the soul speaking with the body.

Sometimes when your body is hurt, the soul is in pain. Looking at a woman who was raped, the soul would forever be in pains . This is a perfect example .

No amount of spiritual work can ever replace fasting.

Everyone one has their role to play. Fasting plays it's role and spiritual work also play their role.

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