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IFA INITIATION : The password to travel in the spirit realm - Top secrets of Initiation

IFA INITIATION : The password to travel in the spirit realm - Top secrets of Initiation 

Any religious Beliefs that doesn't give you Initiation is a shamboo

Go and do your research very well.

To be in some great clubs in this country or in the world  you would or have to be initiated.

Many of you belong to one clubs or the other and yet you are going to church .

You do your club initiation, you know but you can't tell.

Club is another English name for secret group or cults. Yes I would say it and Dem no born una papa well to do anything.

IFA comes with Initiation and for that reason it give you the license to travel the spiritual realm.

Many people, 99% of people don't know this, they think IFA is all about using soap, doing incision, and carrying sacrifice.

IFA is beyond that level and if you are still on that level you need to upgrade to 100G at full bar.

IFA INITIATION is the door way to the realm of the ORISA and it depends on the truthful path you take after Initiation.

After Initiation we are all tempted and we must be patience. 

We grow small small till we get there.

After your IFA initiation, You would meet a lot of beings / Spirits who would want you to be part of their groups. It is your decision to accept or reject.

Many of us have this church mind that they are evil so we reject the great offer of a lifetime.

Those beings and spirit are from other realms.

When you accept to Join them, they would initiate you into being one of them and your activeness in this group would determine your further growth in the spirit realm

As you become active in this groups, they would take you to their realms and link you more to other realms.

That is how the link is formed, you become a citizen of many realms and you visit those realms from time to time.

Some may even give you wives and beautiful house.

You would eat their food, learn their language and do all sort of things a man do in this realm.

Be guided, they would give you everything and you must not be carried away with comfort or luxurious lifestyle.

This is where many people failed because the moment they saw all this things and participate in all, their physical life also changed for a better because they now have more forces at their back that back up what they do. This spirit are force ,many things bend to your will because of this forces.

Everything is a test and only a true mind can understand and get the right thing done at the right time because people get carried away and forget the purpose .

On a final note.

It take time to grow ,sometimes a growth can start after a year , a growth can start before a year,a growth can start after 2 years or even more.

Everything depends on you, how well do you pass those test?

The son of OBATALA
The son of AGBODERE 

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  1. Hello Sir how are you doing, and how is your family I pray no evil shall befall you and your family. Sir, I am a big fan of your article from Opera Mini and I once chatted with you on WhatsApp. Please I would like to know more about the IFA initiation to have a deep knowledge about the spiritual world and the ancient wisdom of our forefathers to know the things not to eat, type of woman not to relate with that are a taboo to my destiny