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Any being that is worthy of worship is called an ÔRISÂ. The Christian beliefs they worship ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ, the Muslims belief too. Why would you ÌSẸSÉ thinks ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ is not to be worshipped or Celebrated? 

Contrary to many religions and believe that ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ is surrounded with myths and Mystery, ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ is not a one of such that doesn't want to be found. 

Such heretic Believe that ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ is surrounded with myths is the same reason why many people doesn't worship ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ or celebrate the greatest of the greatest. 

During my Journey to the spiritual realm, have celebrated ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ ,it's a giant feast that took a Month. The like of which have not seen before right here on earth. 

How does ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ looks like? 

I know you would ask this question but the answer is what I cannot tell. None of the Divinity show their Face. 

How do we Celebrate ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ? 

So we think / thought by singing for hours, we are feeding God with his food, and after he is well fed we begin to ask for something in returns by laying down all our problems. Just like a trade, something for something. 

But am sad to tell you that it doesn't work that way. 

God is not hungry, he is never hungry neither is he begging for Food. 

We calls him whatever we though can be qualified to him but there is no better way of saying it than the Yoruba traditional way calling ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ. The creator of the Cosmo and all there is. 

We just need to acknowledge the Fact that he is there, he is ever there.

IFA and other ÔRISÂ would guide you through on how to celebrate ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ. 

Stop looking for ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ, 
celebrate ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ . He would find you wherever you are. 

Be dedicated to Your ÔRISÂ, Never stain your spiritual essence, don't be involve in dirty/bloody rituals, don't think the ORISA forces of lights are not good enough. 
Don't be a slave to Money and don't fall into temptation of women. 

Add ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ celebration to whatever celebration you celebrate. 

I am AJE, I speak the Voice from the other Side. 

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