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Primordial war between ORISA (orisha)

Primordial war between ORISA 

This is the War between ORISA, and it started long before man was ever created by Obatala. (read about How orisa influence our zodiacs) 

The ORISA would not stop fighting between themselves because of Man and because there is factions in between them. 

The Factions are simply those who do good and support good tidings while the other factions are those who do bad things. 

The first war between the ORISA happens over 100 Million years ago before Man and the war was about who is the most powerful. 

ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ created all the ORISA and for different purpose, some started thinking they are more important and powerful than the other, hence a war broke out. 

The war lasted for many years and then they agreed on their differences that they can't do without each others. They are brothers. Read about ÔRISÂ gender here

The second war between ORISA started after Obatala created Man, every ÔRISÂ want to show man the way to God. Man is a confused being that doesn't know his right from his left. 

Man begins to believe that one ÔRISÂ is good and one ÔRISÂ is bad which give birth to many religions we have today. 

Though the Gods are not fighting between themselves but they have wages on who will have the largest followers. Read about the most powerful Orisa here

The ORISA are not fighting between themselves whether we see them bad or Good. 

They all have their purpose and they always held a meeting once a while in the presence of ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ where they eat, wine, merry and play together. 

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