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The most Powerful Orisa (Orisha)

The most powerful Orisa 

If you are asking this question, you are one of those who wants to cause division among the ORISA, but you can't (read about primordial war between ORISA

To use diplomacy to answer this questions,  the most powerful Orisa that ever existed is ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ. 

ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ is the ORISA that created all other ÔRISÂ. 

It's so painful that there is little to nothing written about him. 

People believe they don't have to write about him, but am telling you that you need to know more about ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ. 

The Christian calls him Kings of kings. 

ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ means he owns the ODU 
Find the meaning of ODU IFA OloKun. ODU is used to know or fins the answer to what may bothers the mind. 

All ODU correspond to each orisa. 

ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ therefore owns all orisa. 

Those who appreciates and still know his value praise ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ in the traditional way by celebrating Odun ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ. 

Odun ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ is always celebrated in heaven and it's a long celebration that usually lost for a month. 

If you are in one Isese or the other and you don't celebrate ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ, then your isese is useless. 

If there is diaper between the ORISA, they used to go to ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ to sort it out. 

I will write and write about ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ, that means you have to come, resist this blog everyday to find out. 

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