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Meaning of IFA olokun

Meaning of IFA olokun

OLODUMARE manifests HIMSELF through OLOKUN and empower this ORISA with all the powers , controls and authority to be in charge and control of all matters or issue relating to the Ocean and relate (report) back to him on it. Is AJE Olokun male of Female? Find out 

The reincarnation of OLODUMARE's energy in the ocean form  OLOKUN — meaning the owner and the power behind the ocean and its habitant .

OLOKUN has a symbolic and spiritual connection with IFA ADIMULA , that is why Babalawo would say ”IFA olokun a soro dayo ”.

 That is “ifa olokun that speaks of happiness and fortune”.

 In the beginning of creation, Odu was called as ODU OLOKUN , in the place of ODU OLOFIN which is revealled in a verse under OYEKU OTURA.

In those days, people communicate with ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ through OLOKUN using cowries and other shells from the dept of Ocean. 

Even now, Orunmila the Father of IFA relies and work along / with OLOKUN for divinity.

And that is why it is always called IFA OloKun asoro dayo.

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