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Five ways why you cannot do without the Irunmole (deities)

Five ways why you cannot do without the Irunmole (deities)

The relationship between Irunmole and Omo eniyan was symbiotic in nature and rewarding especially for Omo eniyan.

  There are five major ways by which Irunmole relate effectively with Omo eniyan right from the emergence of man on earth. The ways include the following

Role models

.      Teachers    



       Benevolent givers 

    As Role Models

The Irunmole act as role models for Omo Eniyan (human beings) in many ways. Their exemplary characters and ways of life became what we now emulate today for us to live in accordance with the design of Olodumare. 

 As role models, they made us understand certain situations of life and how to react or adjust to such situations. 

When Olodumare was about to settle living beings on earth, He sent for Ogun (deity in charge of metals and creativity) first and foremost to come and plan the earth so as to make it habitable for beings. 

When Ogun came with his entourage, he brought woods with which to feed his entourage. Before long, those eating woods became powerless and could not accomplish anything. When Ogun realized that those he brought along to help in performing the task of making the earth habitable had become powerless for his mission, he returned with them to Olodumare.

However, Olodumare later sent Obatala to go and complete what Ogun could not finish.  When Obatala was descending from Ikole-orun, he traced the mystical path already cleared by Ogun. In his own case, he brought water for himself and his entourage. Unfortunately, water was insufficient for them to feed on.

 They also became powerless within a short while and they returned to Olodumare to report their failure.

Olodumare finally sent Orunmila. Before Orunmila set for his journey to Ikole-Aye, he went to Agbadudu-Orimo for advice and consultation. He was advised to offer ebo and to take all edible items along in his journey to Ikole-Aye.- alaafia

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