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List of Primordial Orisa (Orisha)

List of Primordial Orisa (Orisha)

There are ÔRISÂ that created long before the existence of Mankind, at some point war breaks out. 

The Greek mythology also records it as the clash of the Titans but they can't tell it all. 

That's why I wrote about primordial war between ORISA in this article here

The primordial orisa have lived a millions Years before the creation of Mankind. 

I can't list them all, but I can tell you a few out of the primordial orisa. 

The primordial ÔRISÂ are the Following 





These are few list of the primordial Orisa that ever lived and existed. 

These list would be updated from time to time as the ORISA gives me permission to write them out. 

These primordial ORISA are called ÌRÚMỌLẸ̀. Read about ÌRÚMỌLẸ̀ here

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