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Spiritual Hierarchy of the ORISA

Spiritual Hierarchy of the ORISA 

Don't forget that there is War in Heaven and there is still war, just that the war in heaven is not as heavy like the way it used to be. Read about primordial War here. 

There is hierarchy between the ORISA. We have IRÚMỌLẸ̀ and we have ORISA. You can read more about it here. The difference in their creation is what leads to hierarchy. 

Long time ago, the IRUMOLE used to distinguish themselves from the ORISA, they don't want to do anything with them. 

But as time goes on, their pride (IRUMOLE) fails as people tend to appreciate ORISA more than them and so, the names of the first IRUMOLE are becoming less relevant, people are beginning to forget them or know how they look. 

Even now, no one can say clearly the list and names of the 401 IRUMOLE. Read about the names of IRUMOLE here. 

Few of the IRUMOLE embraced the ORISA, teach them one or two things and these few IRUMOLE are the ones we knew today. Read about list of primordial ORISA

Today, these divine divinity are all called ORISA but sometimes the worshipers always differentiate between them by calling on the first created list of ORISA (called IRUMOLE).

They all known their boundaries and Power and they all understand their position and usefulness within the vast universe of ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ. 

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