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List of ORISA (orisha) and their Power

List of ORISA (orisha) and their Power 

After writing about ÌRÚMỌLẸ̀, ORISA and many things unknown to many of us. 

It's high time we write about the uses and functions of this Orisa. 

Each of these ÔRISÂ have their special functions and hence the reason for ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ to create more ÔRISÂ or should I say transcend some hard working, uplifting spiritual fill people into the spiritual realm as ÔRISÂ. 

In these article I would like to talk to few about the functions of few ÔRISÂ. 

ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ : Function is to create More universe of human and non human existence, create more ÔRISÂ and many more. 

YEMOJA : SHE is referred to as Mother Nature. She represents nature and is worshiped in all universe depending on people's beliefs which dictate how she is worshiped or called. She give wealth and Children to people. Coordinates the law of Karma and ensure there is balance between the universe. 

OSUN : goddess of Fertility and and healing. But her Major area of specialty is to give Children and help procreate. She also heals those who fall sick or have one ailments. 

OBATALA : His Functions is to create more human beings, creatures and all. He help settle dispute between the ORISA and people and dispute between the ORISA. His Powers are more than what this text could contain. 

OLOKUN :He is responsible for spirituality. He is the Father of Wealth. He owns the largest treasure of wealth. He helps in divinity . There is no IFA readings without Him. He is a wise King and doesn't talk Much. 

AGEMO : create wealth and give children

ORISA OKO: Responsible for Farming, bringing out good crops from the soil. He is the spirit behind different varieties of food. He provides food for every man.

OSUMARE : He is the bringer of rains. He is responsible for seasons, birth and rebirth also known as reincarnation.

AGBODERE : medically recognise as a healing God. That is why there is a snake symbols is pharmacy. He is known by many names over the years. He protect his children too. We have a written story if Agbodere here because you can't find it anywhere. 

ESUU : He is in charge of temptation without which there is no spiritual growth and upliftment. He is a wise King and also guides his children to freedom. He is a good protector. 

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