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Stories of the 401 ÌRÚMỌLẸ̀

Stories of the 401 ÌRÚMỌLẸ̀

The ÌRÚMỌLẸ̀ are the ORISA that ever walk the earth long before man was created. 

We can also called them primordial ÔRISÂ, you can read about the list or primordial ORISA here. 

Let it be known that ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ is creating more ÔRISÂ everyday or every month or every years. I can't say for sure how ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ is creating them or when ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ is creating them. 

If we could try and give account of all the ÌRÚMỌLẸ̀, we would see that we have more than 401 ÌRÚMỌLẸ̀ in Yoruba land. 

Calling on ÌRÚMỌLẸ̀ is calling on the first 401 created ORISA before Men transcended into being an Orisa. 

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