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OBATALA and the Sun God

OBATALA and the Sun God

The world has been in a long argument whether the sun god is also referred to as OBATALA or OBATALA is the son God.

The reason for this comparison is because the sun is the centre of everything and OBATALA is the centre of the universe,the centre of all the ORISA .

I cannot belittle OBATALA to a mere sun created by OBATALA when OBATALA is the creator of everything within and without.

OBATALA is not the sun god and shouldn't be referred to as the sun god but the ancient people who are from other part of the world or didn't know about Yoruba tradition always think the sun is the most powerful.

So they thought.

The sun is not the powerful and no one is more powerful than OBATALA.

The greatest of the greatest ORISA .

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